Princeton University, Assistant Instructor

Climate Change: Impact, Adaptation, Policy (GEO366), Prof. Michael Oppenheimer.

This course explores the consequences of human-induced climate change and their implications for a range of potential policy responses.

Introduction to Quantitative Social Science (POL345), Prof. Rocio Titiunik.

Class is an introduction to quantitative tools that social scientists use to evaluate hypotheses empirically using the statistical software R.

Environmental Nexus Course (ENV200), Prof. Marc Fleurbaey.

Class introduced the economic aspects of the Environmental Nexus focusing on issues such as welfare economics of environmental policies, benefit-cost analysis, inter- and intra-generational inequality, and the economics of climate change.

University of California Berkeley, Lecturer and Teaching Assistant


Designed and delivered curriculum microeconomics for public policy for the 2019 Public Policy and International Affairs Junior Summer Institute at the University of California, Berkeley. Taught theoretical economic models used to study effectiveness of government policies and programs